Follow On Periscope!

We’re big fans of social media and one of those applications is Periscope – essentially a live-stream of something that the user wants to broadcast. It’s a free app found in both the Apple Store and Google Play and we highly recommend it, because then you get gems from Jacob Davis and his guys (more on them later) like this morning’s recording session with Teddy and Caleb (with Jacob behind the camera) working on an acoustic music video for Something To Remember You By.

But a word to the wise – these broadcasts are usually only archived for 24 hours but oftentimes can be replayed during those 24 hours. If you’re lucky to catch a live broadcast, you can comment on the video in real time and also give “hearts” – likes of the content. You’ll see them flowing on the right side of the screen.

Here’s who you should follow:
Teddy Christenberry – ChristenberryT
Jacob Davis – JacobDavisMusic
Caleb Allensworth – cmallensworth
Kevin Schuck – kevinschuck


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