Review: Jacob at The Foundry

We LOVE it when we read reviews of Jacob and the guys like this one!

Please click here to read a recap of the two-hour show at the Foundry in Athens, Ga., complete with videos (that we’ve also posted here).

Some quotes:

* Have you ever been to a show and before it even begins the singer makes their way around the crowd to introduce themselves? Yea me neither.

* …wait a minute, let me put my shades on cause his future is awfully bright!

* Through out the entire show there was a lot of interaction with us, I honestly felt like I have known y’all for years by the end of the night.

* Seriously though, I hope that you are feeling the love and the passion that the guys have for music from the videos and that I am putting it across well.

* These guys are some of the nicest guys that I have met out of Nashville in the last 3 years.

We can’t wait for Jacob to add more tour dates so more people can see him. We hear they’re coming!! Check out the current dates here.

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