Jacob’s Twitter Chat, Oct. 30

On Friday (Oct. 30), Jacob lit up the Twitterverse by doing his first live chat while en route to a show. Fans tweeted Jacob questions throughout the day and he answered them for a full hour to show all of his fans the love. Some questions were serious, some were … well … not … but everyone involved had a blast and got to know Jacob a little better. Below, please find the questions and answers from the #JDChat. And apparently, Jacob really got into it, as evidenced by a Snap from guitarist Kevin Schuck:


Q: @JacobDavisMusic are you a fan of @SamHuntMusic? If so, what’s your favorite song of his?
A: Heck yea! I love that dude @SamHuntMusic. My favorite is probably ‘make you miss me’. But they’re all killer.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic do you practice that sexy sway in the mirror? #dancemovesonpoint
A: Haha. All natural, baby.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic go to song to sing in the shower?
A: For some reason I woke up singing ‘bad blood’ this morning. Freaking love @taylorswift13

Q: @JacobDavisMusic what’s your favorite thing about performing live?
A: The rush walking on stage. And nothing like having a fan sing a song back to you. It’s unreal.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic who’s the funniest guy in the band???
A: Hands down @RabbitInFlight (guitarist Brian Campbell). He intentionally waits for me to take a drink of something to say something funny.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic what is your fave food?
A: Jambalaya #keepitcajun

Q: @JacobDavisMusic did you push @stormewarren in the pool after this photo was taken at #COTB2015?
A: I didn’t … I’d take @stormewaren in that battle.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic are you aware that you’re khaki/brown jeans have a nickname? #JacobDavisSquad simply refers to them as “THE” pants.
A: Haha. I wasn’t until now. But I’m glad Yall like them.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic how do you feel about knees?
A: I’m all for them.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic what’s your fave southern food? And guys do y’all love Louisiana? Y’all better!! Haha
A: The guys love shrimp and grits and drive through daiquiris

Q: @JacobDavisMusic have you ever watched rugby? Go #TeamAllBlacks!
A: I actually have. It was insane. A buddy of mine at LSU was on the team. Those guys are nuts.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic what’s your fav song you’ve written? And there is a song you wish you’d written?
A: Probably “Get Down (James Brown)”. It was fun day writing that one.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic who in the band is known to be the most sensitive?
A: I don’t want to say … it might hurt @ChristenberryT (bass player Teddy Christenberry) feelings.


Q: @JacobDavisMusic can we stop for a pee break? (Submitted by drummer Caleb Allensworth from the backseat of the van)
A: Shut up @cmallensworth

Q: @JacobDavisMusic when will you be making your way back to west Texas!!!!
A: As soon as possible. We loved west Texas. Yall were nuts!

Q: @JacobDavisMusic when did you first start writing/performing music??
A: Started writing freshman year of college and performed the first time senior year at LSU.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic when did the group prayer pre-show ritual start / whose idea was it? Love it!
A: We did that for the first time in February at the Texas Club in Baton Rouge. It’s our thing for sure.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic all time best road trip song?
A: Anything Tom Petty

Q: What’s y’all’s favorite thing to do during down time when out on the road?
A: Pool basketball. It gets intense.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic how does it feel to have a squad?
A: I love it. It’s really humbling to know that many people believe in what we do.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic My husband wants to know if ‘doin it with your eyes closed’ (a lyric from his song “With My Eyes Closed”) is supposed to sound dirty. LOL he made me ask!
A: Haha. There would be no way of knowing.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic do you consider yourself a romantic???
A: I think so.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic what @TaylorSwift13 song would you want to cover?
A: We cover “Red” by TS. Love that song.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic favorite NFL team?
A: New Orleans Saints!

Q: @JacobDavisMusic what’s your favorite beer?
A: My go to is Miller Lite but I love Abita Amber.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic We love you boys so much!
A: We love you!

Q: @JacobDavisMusic do you guys have any pre-show rituals?
A: We sing the Baywatch theme song together before the show. It’s tradition.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic fav alcoholic drink?
A: Makers and water

Q: @JacobDavisMusic what’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while performing or touring?
A: Tripping over @ChristenberryT cable and unplugging his bass. May have dropped some profanity into the mic too. Haha.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic what’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?
A: It’s not the size of the dog in the fight … it’s the fight in the dog.”

Q: @JacobDavisMusic how excited are you to play the @dustyarmadillo tomorrow (Oct. 31) night?
A: Can’t freaking wait.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Where’s the most random place you’ve written a song?
A: The shower

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Any plans to come to the west coast?
A: They’re in the works.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic How do you spend your downtime in the cities you visit on tour?
A: We’re good about researching restaurants before we get there so we can try them out. We love the local spots.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic what are your thoughts on space travel?
A: Haha. If we can get Matt Damon back … then I’m all for it.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic What’s your current favorite workout song?
A: Currently some old school T.I.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic can you please cover some Taylor and Katy in Nacogdoches?!
A: Haha. You know it baby.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic can you rap any songs? Can you name a rapper?
A: I can’t rap. But I do love some rap. We dig some Drake and Macklemore.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic When are you coming to NY?!
A: Hopefully soon! That’d be awesome.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic we love & believe in y’all and are happy to be a part of the @JacobDavisSquad! Y’all rock!!
A: Thank you so much!

Q: @JacobDavisMusic where can I get another CD??
A: We can mail you one. For sure.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic you’ll take a selfie with me when I come to your shows, right?
A: Of course.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Are you a messy guy or a straight guy?
A: I’m pretty clean for the most part.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Mountains or beach?
A: Beach.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic See ya at Banita Creek on Dec. 5th! That is the correct changed date, right?
A: Yes! Can’t wait.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Thank u for this!
A: Thank you!

Jacob finished up with one final tweet: Yall are awesome! Thanks for the questions. Till next time.

Well that was fun. We can’t wait until the next one! Start thinking of your questions now!

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