A Recap: Jacob at the Dusty Armadillo

Have you ever known that there was a big secret and you couldn’t wait to hear more about it? And then when you were finally let in on the secret, you couldn’t wait to shout it from the rooftop? Well, consider this the rooftop. If you haven’t seen a Jacob Davis show live, you’re completely missing out.

Several fans of Jacob’s made the trek from Pennsylvania, different parts of Ohio, West Virginia, and even Canada to see the Halloween show at the legendary Dusty Armadillo in Rootstown, Ohio. All of this was planned on social media, also the only place that most of us had only seen Jacob: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There were also fans who had never seen Jacob before but were there to see Drake White.

Being that it was Halloween, some of us talked and knew that we needed to do something, and the Jacob Davis Squad shirts were born. They were a big hit with the crowd, the band and the emcee of the event, Ken Steel from local radio station 94.9 WQMX who, when introducing Jacob, exclaimed “and look at that! Jacob Davis has a squad!”

Jacob Davis Squad

The night started out with the upbeat song “Just Like Here” that had the crowd in it right away, even those who had never heard Jacob before. Next up was “With My Eyes Closed” which is featured on Jacob’s Soundcloud, so there were several who knew the words and proudly belted them out. And Jacob noticed, ending the song with a “that’s what I’m talkin about!” while pointing to the fans.

It was then I realized Jacob should probably be sponsored by someone like FitBit because the man does not stop moving, and it really gets the crowd involved.

The band continued with original content, launching right into the catchy tune “Letter Jacket” which is also featured on his website. As soon as he sang the first line of “there it is in the back of my closet” the fans cheered and even those who didn’t know the words were really getting into it. Seeing that it was Halloween, those fans included construction workers and a Spartan with Hulk hands holding a beer.

Next up was a song that Jacob introduced as “swampy” and very well could be one of my favorites: “Whiskeysippi” – a live video of this is coming soon. It’s a song that you can’t help but bob your head and tap your foot to, but it’s also lyrically clever in a way that many songs aren’t these days. “I need a little Jack in my Coke / I need to get her off my brain / I’m gonna make my head float / yeah tonight I’m a Maker’s Mark Twain / I might end up at her front door / I might spend the night in jail / I might wind up on that bathroom floor / there’s no telling where I’ll go when the ship sets sail … down a Whiskeysippi River.” There’s also some pretty good dance moves and guitar solos in this live version.

I was pretty excited to hear Jacob’s current single “Something To Remember You By” live because I wanted to see if it sounded the same as it did on the radio. It was actually better. Seeing Jacob sing this song was right up there in my favorite moments of the night because of the look on his face when the crowd sang his song back to him, loudly. It’s a look I won’t forget for awhile. The smile that he had while he went after the first line of the song was priceless, and glancing at the other band members, they had the same looks on their faces. There were times he was actually singing through a full-on grin, and it was awesome. And the song sounded pretty great too. The video is below, saved while Periscoping so other members of the Squad could take part.

“Detours” slowed the set down and this is a song that has very meaty lyrics relatable to anyone who has faced situations that seem bad at the time but looking back, it turned out for the best. Who doesn’t have something like that? “Yeah I lost my way / I damn near lost my mind / pedal to the metal / let the Devil lead me blind / til I finally saw the light / yeah I got way off track / took some wrong turns looking back / it’s been one hell of a ride in my rearview / but I thank the Good Lord for the detours to you.” Wow. I also appreciated that Jacob pointed at me during the chorus as this one has special meaning to me and is also one of my favorites. He ranks right up there among the artists who are successful at crowd interaction.

“See You Around” jacked the energy level back up as he and the guys bounced around the stage and then they went into two covers, one of We Are Tonight by Sam Hunt and/or Billy Currington, which was incredible, and the other of Red by Taylor Swift, which was pretty cool. Jacob also took the time to toast some fans in the back who yelled out “Jacob we love you!” – those may or may not have been the aforementioned construction workers, I couldn’t see.

The 10th song was called Losing It and it’s one that hasn’t been made available to the fans either on his website or CDs but it was like that secret I referenced before. Now that I know about it, I want everyone to hear it!

They closed out the set with the hugely energetic “Get Down” (aka James Brown) that had Jacob almost nailing his head on the short ceiling in the venue a few times. At one point, guitarist Kevin Schuck placed his own hat on Jacob’s head, so Jacob performed most of the song with the hat, interacting, pointing at the crowd, bouncing his leg and busting out some hip-shaking dance moves. The song ended to cheers from the entire crowd and the buzz after the show was really cool to hear. People loved the show and wanted to know more about Jacob and his music, and we were more than happy to talk about it! I gave away 30 CDs with Jacob’s music that wasn’t for sale at the merch table or on iTunes and probably could have given out 50 more the interest was so high.

After the show and before Drake White came out to do his set, Jacob signed autographs, took pictures and talked with all of the fans, treating everyone like friends until the stack of CDs and koozies for sale was seriously depleted.

Jacob Davis Autographs

We were able to hang out with Jacob and his band – Teddy Christenberry, Caleb Allensworth, Brian “Rabbit” Campbell and Kevin Schuck – for awhile after the show and it was like sitting around with a group of friends. Hysterical, laid-back, genuine, and wildly talented friends. They recounted how they all got together, were amazed by some Canadian candy that no one besides the Squad Canadian Kristen had ever seen before, did impressions and generally just laughed and talked.

Jacob Davis, the guys and squad

Looking back on it, I’m not sure there are enough words to accurately describe that night and that show. I’m even more energized to tell people about Jacob and the guys but at the same time I want to keep it to myself so that I can keep seeing shows in intimate venues with personal interaction. But that would be a disservice to the stories that Jacob has to tell and the performances he and the guys put on.

Do yourself a couple of favors: 1) Go buy Something To Remember You By on the digital music service of your choice. 2) Go to www.JacobDavisMusic.com and stream the songs all day long – there’s one or more for every mood. 3) Send an email to JacobDavisSquad@gmail.com and get the digital files of the songs emailed to you so you can take them with you wherever you go. 4) Check out the tour schedule at www.JacobDavisMusic.com and get to a show, more will be announced after the first of the year. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed. 5) Share Jacob’s music with your friends. 6) Watch the acoustic version of Something To Remember You by, available on Jacob’s YouTube channel (below):

I can’t stop watching the videos of the performances of the night and there’s one thing that I keep coming back to: Jacob Davis is a secret that no one should keep to themselves. He’s too good.

Thank you Jacob, Teddy, Caleb, Rabbit and Kevin for a great show – I can’t wait to see where this road takes you, and we’ll be following right behind.

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