Jacob’s Twitter Chat, Jan. 8

On Friday, Jan. 8 while en route to shows in Greenville, SC and Charlotte, NC, Jacob took to Twitter again to do another chat with his fans, answering a wide range of questions. Here’s our recap of the #JDChat!

Q: @JacobDavisMusic What’s your favorite song to sing to Percy (his daughter, born on Dec. 24)?
A: So far we’ve only covered “happy birthday” haha

Q: @JacobDavisMusic are you a night owl or an early riser?
A: I wish I wasn’t a night owl … but I think I am.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Have you slept more than four hours straight in the last two weeks?
A: Haha, no I have not. Best kind of tired though.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic If you could tour with anyone past or present, who would it be?
A: Led Zeppelin

Q: @JacobDavisMusic What are some of your go-to road trip songs? What’s at the top of the playlist?
A: It really depends on who’s in the passenger seat. So it ranges from Weird Al to Teddy listening to himself sing covers.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic How old were you when you wrote your first song?
A: 18

Q: @JacobDavisMusic What’s your favorite candy? Please come to Ohio!
A: Reese’s

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Have you ever sang on stage with your dad? #daddysdream
A: We sang “Folsom Prison” together on stage one time

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Fruity Pebbles or Fruit Loops?
A: Fruit Loops

Q: @JacobDavisMusic How do you think having a daughter is going to affect your songwriting?
A: In the best way possible

Q: @JacobDavisMusic What’s your favorite movie?
A: Old School. I love Will Ferrell

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Who would you want to duet with? And co-write with?
A: I’d love to duet with Carrie (Underwood), of course. And co-write with Ryan Adams.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Have you eaten alligator? Because someone said you crazy Cajuns do that!
A: It’s delicious if cooked right. I like it blackened. The boys have had it too. They were weirded out but came around to it.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Will you be touring Canada anytime soon? We love you too eh!
A: Haha I love y’all! I hope so. I love the Canadians.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Do you and your wife split late night baby duties? I know I mostly got up myself.
A: “You can milk anything with nipples!” No, it’s all mama for now.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Have you ever written a song because someone said “hey, write me a song!”
A: I wrote a song for one of my best friend’s weddings. I need to go back and listen to that.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Since you have a little one now will you get a family van so they can travel with you?!
A: I think four children in the van is good for right now … haha

Q: @JacobDavisMusic You are stuck on a desert island for a year with only one meal and one album, what are they?
A: Chicken and sausage gumbo and James Taylor. That sounds weird, haha.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic What is the one thing you miss the most while being on the road?
A: My bed! No question.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Any pre-show meal rituals? I know you have pre-show jam sessions.
A: Lays potato chips. Good for the vocals.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Out of all the new songs you’ve released lately, which one is your favorite?
A: Flight Risk

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Can you please put more of your music on Spotify?
A: It’s coming I promise!

Q: @JacobDavisMusic You rock a cover of T-Swift’s Red in live shows. Any other covers you’d love to do live?
A: We love Kings of Leon so we’re in the works with that. Open to suggestions too!

Q: @JacobDavisMusic When do y’all plan on coming back to WV?
A: ASAP. We love us some WV.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Do you dip your fries in ketchup or drizzle the ketchup on top?
A: I’m a dipper

Q: @JacobDavisMusic What do you love most about being a country song writer/singer?
A: The fact that I get to get up and do it every day.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic What are some songs you and the guys jam out to on the way to shows?
A: The Baywatch Theme Song. Fires us up.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Do you read these out loud so your guys can comment right along? Because I kind of want to hear their take on some things too!
A: I definitely read out loud. They don’t shut up about it. Haha.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic When growing up did you ever sing at school/community talent shows? If so, what did ya sing and we wanna see pics/vids!
A: I never did do any talent shows. I used to love going to them though. Too nervous I guess.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic If you could pick an artist from another genre to make a duo with, who would it be?
A: Timberlake … so much swag.

Q: #NowPlaying “Rain on a River” as sung by @JacobDavisMusic I cannot say enough about how much I love this song…
A: Thank you! I’m glad you’re digging it

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Is there any place y’all wanna play someday? Country, city, maybe Brazil! J
A: We would love to play Brazil now that you mention it. I just want to see that place.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Which beets are best?
A: Beets. Bears. You know the rest …

Q: @JacobDavisMusic What are you currently rocking on your playlist?
A: Jason Isbell as we speak. Freaking love it.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic What’s the most personal song you’ve written?
A: Daddy’s Dream. Flight Risk a close second.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Any plans to come to Florida anytime soon?
A: We’ll be back down there soon!

Q: @JacobDavisMusic What has been your most challenging song to write?
A: Sometimes if they’re too challenging … you gotta just move on to the next song. You want them to flow. Daddy’s Dream took awhile.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Do you eat sushi? Fav roll?
A: Philly Roll.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Most memorable show?
A: Opening for Sam Hunt in Nacogdoches

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Who’s driving?
A: Teddy is driving like my grandmother.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Who’s driving? Who is shotgun seat? And who’s in the back row right now?
A: Ted driving. I’m shotgun. Caleb 1st row. Kev 2nd. Rabbit in the 3rd, asleep.
@RabbitInFlight: Uhhhh …. I’m awake

Q: @JacobDavisMusic What’s your go-to karaoke song?
A: “Lose Yourself” – Eminem. Haha. Classic.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Any new covers in the works for your upcoming shows? If so, hints appreciated!
A: Kings of Leon

Q: @JacobDavisMusic What are the odds that you guys will post a cover of @SamHuntMusic songs? Like Speakers?
A: That could happen ….

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Can you tell the guys hi!
A: They all say hello!

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Have you ever had a “fan girl” moment?
A: I have … always interesting. Haha

Q: @JacobDavisMusic The only thing we really want to know is when you’re going to announce tour dates!
A: They’re coming … promise.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic How are you doing with working “drive-through daiquiris” into a song?
A: Haha I want to so bad!

Q: @JacobDavisMusic How do you generally prepare for #WabbitWednesday? Anything that you need to do to get amped up?
A: I’m usually so hungover from #TeddyTuesday, it takes me a little while. Shot of tequila does the trick.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Who inspires you most in life?
A: My wife, hands down.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Do you keep a notebook with you all the time that you fill up with song lyrics? What’s your songwriting process?
A: The notes on my phone are full of one-liners. I thought I erased them one time and had a panic attack.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic When are you coming to the Midwest?
A: We’ll be rocking the Midwest before too long.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Which is more logical to follow – your heart or your head?
A: Trick question??

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Is it better to beg for forgiveness or ask for permission?
A: Always forgiveness.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Which of you guys takes the longest to get ready?
A: Teddy. That hair just doesn’t happen. Haha.
A: Actually Kevin. Takes him two years to brush out that mane of his.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic Favorite restaurant or bar in Nashville?
A: Favorite bar is Neighbors. That’s my watering hole. Too many good restaurants to pick one though.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic WHEN, not if, you do a major venue tour with the guys in the future, what would you call it?
A: JDeezy and the Sleezys tour. The Bent Prop tour. The About Damn Time tour. The Caleb Allensworth Experience tour.

Q: @JacobDavisMusic I really want the chance to see you live. Do you think you’ll ever play somewhere close to Huntsville Alabama?
A: Absolutely! We’ll be close soon.

Jacob ended the chat with this tweet: Y’all are awesome! Great questions! Come see us!

Make sure you follow both @JacobDavisMusic and @JacobDavis Squad on Twitter to catch all of the latest!

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