Testimonial: How Has Jacob Davis Infiltrated My Life?

We’re going to be starting a new section on the website for testimonials and stories about how Jacob, his guys and his music have affected people’s lives, or just how they’re feeling about the music.

Here’s one we posted last week on Facebook:


And then there are stories like this, with Jacob’s music literally becoming a soundtrack for someone’s life:

Hey y’all, thought I would share a story on how Jacob Davis and his music has worked its way from my ears to my heart. I have been listening to Jacob’s music for about six months now and I absolutely love it. Jacob, the band members and the squad has made loving Jacob’s music so easy to do. When you listen to an artist’s music as much as I do, you tend to have songs playing through your head here or there and maybe never even notice because it is a good song, and then the next day it’s something else or someone else. I have known for quite some time that Jacob’s music was different. It makes you feel different, his music makes you want to fall in love when it’s a love song like Letter Jacket; or makes you want to shake it when it is a dance jam like Get Down (James Brown).

On a random Saturday night out with my girls, I threw in my Jacob Davis koozie (because every proper Squad member represents loudly anywhere) and went to a new bar. The girls and I sang along with the band, had drinks and enjoyed life like any other Saturday night. That’s when it changed. I didn’t know it completely at the time but I met one of the nicest guys on the planet. We had drinks, chatted, danced the night away and exchanged numbers. I’ve been guarded for quite some time and it is probably cliché’ to say that I was waiting for the right guy to break down those barriers. I’ve allowed music to infiltrate that portion of my life; be my boyfriend, my love, my go-to. In a very short time I have realized this guy (we’ll call him Nick) has given me the feelings of receiving a new song from Jacob. I’m excited, anxious, happy, smiley, trying to learn all the words (learn everything about him), etc.

After one completely too late night of texting and refusing to go to sleep, I woke up thinking of Nick alongside two different songs of Jacob’s. Thinking I was crazy (no pun intended), I immediately texted some of the squad girls. I had to tell someone that Jacob had clearly passed through dream state. So what songs you ask played around in my head? Losing It and Thinking Bout You. I realized about that time Nick had won me over much like Jacob did, fast and strong. That feeling when your favorite song comes on, or the one you know you have to dance to. For me it is usually Get Down (dance jam) or my favorite, See You Around.

“I never ever felt this way, I think you got me going insane, can’t get you off my mind girl” – Losing It.

“Thinking bout You, every day every night every 24/7 365 all the time , girl it’s all I do”- Thinking bout You.

Jacob was the first artist in a while whose music just completely spoke to me and I had to listen to everyday. Is it too cliché to say that he opened my heart a little? Because looking back over the last six his music has continued to speak to me and change me. That’s what good music does, it changes you for the better. I want say I appreciate and adore Jacob, the band and his music for changing me a little which had allowed me to open my heart to the most amazing guy I have met it the longest time. Now, I just need to keep those Sugarcoated kisses for only me.

4 thoughts on “Testimonial: How Has Jacob Davis Infiltrated My Life?

  1. Momma Schuck

    Hi from Kevin’s mom! I received my Jacob Davis CD in the mail yesterday and first let me say this is one case where I definitely did NOT get what I paid for!!!

    I paid nothing – but what I received was GOLD! 🙂

    I popped the CD in the car as I did errands and was not expecting what happened next! The 3rd song, Daddy’s Dream, had me crying so hard I had to pull over! I know Jacob didn’t write that song about Kevin and his dad, but he could have.

    You see, Kevin’s dad wrote songs and played guitar. It wasn’t how he made his living, but he enjoyed it and it was part of who he was. But then he died suddenly when Kevin was 14 – it was a life changing event for us all.

    In trying to keep a part of his dad, Kevin picked up a guitar and started picking away at the pages and pages of songs his dad had scratched out on yellow legal pads. And that was the beginning of Kevin’s musical career- one that would take him all the way from Tucson, AZ to Nashville. And would have made his dad so very proud!

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  2. Jennifer Solorzano

    Awh! This is such a beautiful story! That song seems to be resonating really deep with people! I love these guys and these songs so much! They truly have become the soundtrack of our life right now! I feel really blessed to be a part of this! Thanks for sharing and supporting us Momma Schuck! We’re here to do whatever we can to help these guys achieve their dreams!

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