Testimonial: Bringing A Smile On The Worst Day

We’ve started a series of testimonials that we’ve gotten from fans on how Jacob’s music has affected their lives, or how they have come to love his music, or even their first impressions of his music or shows. This one brings chills.


On January 5th, 2016, I got a call from my mom telling me that my dad was in the hospital and that there were several tests being run to see what was going on. They later determined that he had suffered a severe stroke two days prior. My dad was unaware of everything. Doctors had asked him if he knew what the day or year were and he had no idea because his cognitive abilities had been compromised by the stoke. On top of that he had almost no ability to speak and the only words he could say were “yes” and “no”.

It is crazy to think that I had moved to Nashville only four days prior and now the one thing I wanted more than anything was to be on a plane back to New Hampshire to see my dad. Since the moment I received that phone call, my mind began to wander. I felt lost and would find myself breaking down at various points throughout the day. I knew that all of this was out of my control but when the doctor tells you that your dad is lucky to be alive and that there is clearly someone watching over him, you can’t help but worry. I was unbelievably scared and in need of something to take my mind off of the current situation, so I turned to the one thing I knew would help – music.

As I sat in my car crying, I went to one of many playlists on my iPhone and put it on shuffle. The first song to play was Detours, then Something To Remember You By, which was followed by three more Jacob songs. At this point I was trying to figure out what in the world was going on. This playlist is made up of 115 songs from artists such as: Jacob Davis, Cole Swindell, Luke Bryan, Adam Sanders, Cole Taylor, Justin Bieber, Thomas Rhett and several others. Out of the songs on this playlist, it kept playing Jacob. After the first song my tears began to fade away and I now found a smile making its way to my face for the first time that day as I sang along to the words coming from the speakers. I am extremely grateful for not only Jacob, but also his music, because on one of the hardest days of my life, they helped me find peace when it seemed almost impossible.

“It’s been one hell of a ride in my rearview, but I thank the good Lord for the detours to you!” – Jacob Davis: Detours

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