The Squad Gets Some Press!

So something pretty cool happened. The Shreveport Times did a story on fans who travel to see artists, and one of the groups they featured was us!! This is leading up to Jacob’s hometown show this weekend at Festival Plaza in Shreveport. 

A few of our favorite quotes:

“They’re fearless. They’re awesome,” said Davis [of the Squad]. “They travel to shows, give us gifts, stick around for pictures and give us great feedback. They’re amazing.”

The group promotes music to listeners and petitions to venues and media to request shows and publicity  — something Davis said is “extremely helpful” for him and his band.

“We just do it out of the love of music and him,” [Jennifer Solorzano, Squad founder] said. “And we do it to generate a buzz for him. We have nothing but intentions to help an artist who deserves it.”

Although this is from another band’s fan, it fits perfect with the Squad too:

Many people become followers simply for the love of the music, but being a follower can have some backlash, he said. Followers are sometimes confused with being a groupie, which Gregory said comes with negative connotations.

“It can have a pejorative connotation,” he said. “There’s this underline idea that if you’re a groupie you’re a female who’s young and has loose morals.”

Being a follower is all about the music and the camaraderie that comes along with sharing similar interests, he said. Many times, followers aren’t looking for anything in return than a good time and a great show. But artists will sometimes return the favor with perks like free entry to shows, backstage passes to free merchandise and photo opportunities.

Read the full article here:

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