Buckle Up, It’s Happening!

On Wednesday, March 1, we found two awesome pieces of Jacob Davis Music news!

First, Jacob was named one of the Taste of Country “Risers” – billed as the hottest up-and-coming artists in country music. Keep an eye on this page for exclusive content throughout the month of March: http://risers.tasteofcountry.com/

The Risers were picked by the Taste of Country crew with input from the RISERS advisory board — a committee made up of radio programmers, talent bookers, managers, streaming service providers and digital media members. According to the ToC website: “We pored over dozens of Nashville’s most promising new acts to determine which ones were the true cream of the country crop for 2017.” We’re THRILLED that Jacob is part of this group!

Here’s the intro video – what an amazing collection of artists!!

Then, The Boot featured Jacob on its main website page in an article debuting the cover art for Jacob’s upcoming single “What I Wanna Be” – which will be released digitally on Friday, March 3!

“I feel like the country music lane is continuing to broaden … and I’m happy to be a part of it,” Davis said in the article, linked below. “Being able to put my Louisiana roots into my music has always been my goal … and I think we’ve done that with “What I Wanna Be.””

Click this link for the article, the cover art AND to listen to the song!

Jacob is still on his #JDRadioTour throughout the United States, and we’re working on gathering the information for continued recaps, but the guy is like a ninja and we can’t keep track of him. Stay tuned, adulting is getting in the way, but we’re working on it!

Buckle up people, Jacob is about to take off!!


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