Jacob Davis Signs With Black River Entertainment

At a private party for his fan club, the Jacob Davis Squad, singer/songwriter Jacob Davis was surprised with a record deal to Black River Entertainment by CEO Gordon Kerr. Davis had signed on with the group a month prior as a songwriter but Kerr expanded on that, explaining that having him in front of his fans was a good time to bring him further into the BRE family.

Watch video of the event here:

Several articles have also been published about the deal:

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We’re so proud of you Jacob and can’t wait to see the great future you create with Black River Entertainment!!

To learn a little bit more about Black River, please see this article: http://www.tennessean.com/story/entertainment/music/2015/10/31/black-river-entertainment-rises-music-row-underdog/74289378/

Jacob’s Twitter Chat, Oct. 30

On Friday (Oct. 30), Jacob lit up the Twitterverse by doing his first live chat while en route to a show. Fans tweeted Jacob questions throughout the day and he answered them for a full hour to show all of his fans the love. Some questions were serious, some were … well … not … but everyone involved had a blast and got to know Jacob a little better. Below, please find the questions and answers from the #JDChat. And apparently, Jacob really got into it, as evidenced by a Snap from guitarist Kevin Schuck:


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The Guys

You’ve seen us reference Jacob “and the guys” several times and you might be wondering who “the guys” are – well, wait no more!!

* Teddy Christenberry – bass guitar and vocals (Twitter: @ChristenberryT / IG: teddy_christenberry)

* Caleb Allensworth – drums (Twitter: @cmallensworth / IG: cmallensworth)

* Brian Campbell, also known as Rabbit or Babs – guitar and vocals (Twitter: @RabbitInFlight / IG: rabbitinflight)

* Kevin Schuck – guitar (Twitter: @kevinschuck / IG: kevinschuck)

You might see some people reference “Jacob Davis & the ______” and wonder what that’s about. It’s basically saying that the band doesn’t have an official name, so people tend to make up names for them. Skallywags, Crew, Bandits, Baywatch Bods, Butterfly Kisses … you get the picture. Whatever they’re called, they’re a close-knit group.

Jacob and Teddy met through a bible study group and became friends, often picking up guitars to play and sing. People liked that, a lot, and asked for more. Teddy filled in on bass guitar for Jacob for a show and they both were hooked. Caleb and Rabbit have been friends and playing together for years. When Jacob met them through a mutual friend and asked them to play a show with him, another strong connection was made. Teddy and Caleb hit it off and then Kevin was brought on, which some have said is the time that Jacob really settled in as an entertainer. The group was complete, and has been this way for about a year.

Anyone who follows them on social media knows that they’re close, and anyone who has been to a show or watched a Periscope can see they have a blast with each other.

And that’s what draws the Squad in. Many of us haven’t been to a show yet nor have we met any of them, but the reaction from the entire group to our Squad is what drives us. They’re super appreciative on social media and the rush that we get when they recognize our tweets or efforts on trying to get the songs out to people – that’s what draws us in more.

When asked about the band, Teddy responded “We are a family.”

How can you not root for a group as humble, loving and joyful – and immensely talented – as this crew?

Jacob and the Group
Rabbit, Teddy, Jacob, Kevin, Caleb

About Jacob Davis

So we’ve been extolling virtues about Jacob, but do you know his background? We’ve got you covered – click here to read his bio.

Here’s a section of it:
His illustrative lyrics draw people in. (Ree) Buchanan explains that Davis is “a poet who can communicate to the average person.”He writes from the heart with an honestly and clarity that is rare in comparison to many modern acts.“I was taught at an early age to always hear the story in a song,” Davis explains. “My dad said that the most important thing about music is to really listen to the song. That was huge in the development of my writing, and still is.” The same passion is a part of his vibrant show, which is inspired by his love for all kinds of live music.But his music remains traditional, and he cites Keith Whitley, John Prine, and Garth Brooks as key influencers.