The Squad Gets Some Press!

So something pretty cool happened. The Shreveport Times did a story on fans who travel to see artists, and one of the groups they featured was us!! This is leading up to Jacob’s hometown show this weekend at Festival Plaza in Shreveport.  Continue reading “The Squad Gets Some Press!”

Interview (Audio) – Cocky Country

Before his show at Bourbon Street in Auburn, Ala., on Friday, Feb. 19, Jacob and Teddy sat down with the ladies of the radio show Cocky Country for a great interview that aired in pieces on their show throughout the week, along with several of Jacob’s songs!

Click below to listen to the 20 minute interview, which includes both quickfire and in-depth questions!

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TeddyChat – Feb. 5

Bass guitarist and backup vocalist Teddy Christenberry did a Twitter Chat on Feb. 5 when the guys were between shows in Chicago. Coincidentally, this chat also took place the day after a series of Snapchats by Teddy (tchristenberry) showing Band Land, a magical place full of joy and beds (or a hotel room crammed with five guys loving life who push beds together to make a massive place for bouncing and rolling), so be prepared for a lot of questions about that. It was great gaining a little more insight into Teddy, so read on!

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Behind the Scenes! Jacob’s EPK (Video)

It’s here! Produced by Cardboard Films, Jacob released an electronic press kit (EPK) to let audiences know a little bit more about himself and his guys in a behind-the-scenes video. In it, Jacob explains how he got into music, his views on being on the road and how important his band is to him.

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